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Intro to Wheel Throwing / 2 persons

260€/Pers. + 3% processing fee.

+ 2 Participants
+ 10h
+ Beginner Level


+ Discover the basics of throwing clay on the potter’s wheel, and discover the glazing process.
+ 2 Participants Minimum&Maximum 
(Come with a friend, a family member or a collegue !)
+ 10h / 3 days
+ Beginner Level

+ DAY 1 (4h00) / Introduction to the material and the technique. We will prepare the clay together and I will show you and explain you about the throwing process. You are going to tryout wheel throwing and create your own pieces.

+ DAY 2 (3h30) /  You will trim your pieces and work on texture and details. (You can choose 2-3 pieces to keep)

After this lesson, your pieces will be bisque fired at 900°C.

+ DAY 3 (2h30) /  I will explain you about the glazing process and then you will glaze your pieces.

Then I fire your pieces again at 1230°C.

+ As soon as everything is going to be ready, you will receive an email and you will be able to pick it up at the studio ! (about 4 weeks).


Please send me an email (hello@atelierhilde.com) with your availabilities to save a date that match our schedule !

Possible sessions :
+ Saturday (day 1) & Sunday (day 2) Morning or Afternoon. On a weekday evening (day 3).

+ Two days in a row during the week (Day 1 & 2). On a weekday evening (day 3).

+ Any weekday (Day 1), Any weekday (Day 2) the following week. On a weekday evening (day 3).


Huttenstr. 31
10 553 Berlin


Only courses cancelled at least 14 days before the date of the workshop can be fully refunded.

There is no right to reimbursement nor possibility picking up a new date for the workshop in case of a non-notified, non-participation of the booked workshop, for participant's own reasons. In the specific case of a serious illness, injury or major life event, the participant has to contact Atelier Hilde to discuss about either postponing or cancelling the registration to the workshop.

Atelier Hilde reserve the right to postpone or cancel the agreed workshop for important reasons. In this case, a new date will be agreed upon with the participant or the fees will be fully refunded.

Clay : The process of ceramic can be tricky and cracks in the clay can happen. Cracks during firing can happen. Glaze : The glaze does not look like the same each time due to : thickness, composition,firing temperature. I can not promise a 100 % looking result after firing

Clay work can be dirty, please bring suitable clothes. Aprons will be provided.

Please, send me an email (hello@atelierhilde.com) if you have any questions or requests.

I can teach in English or in French.

Age : +16

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Mathilde Pointeau

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